Restaurant Le Motte

The Restaurant Le Motte is the perfect place for fine diners. The mix of tradition and innovation results in a brilliant menu, which expresses the extreme passion and deep knowledge the Lazzeri family have for their food.

Alongside simple and tasty dishes, the restaurant also offers more sophisticated recipes. Quality, fresh ingredients are transformed into fantastic dishes at the hands of their experienced chefs.

The rich wine chart and impeccable service make this restaurant an excellent location for important celebrations.

A small yet delicious selection of pizzas is also available.

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Miravalle hotel is situated in the heart of the Alps in Alta Rezia, a real biker’s paradise comprised of the Upper Engadine Valley, Valposchiavo and the Alta Valtellina also known as the Upper Veltline region.

Bormio Therms

With the booking throught the hotel, will be applied special tariffs at the three Thermal centres.


Furnished with taste in the Alpine style, the 40 rooms of the Hotel Miravalle are the best place for resting after an active day in the Alps.

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